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   I went into labor with Tyler on my birthday August 18th and I knew right then that Tyler was my special gift from God.  My first and only child, Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill was born August 19th, 1997. His name alone, “Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill” is so powerful and profound. I knew instantly that he would make an incredible impact in this world.  I cried with joy when he arrived into this world, feeling highly blessed for the amazing responsibility to be his mother.  Tyler was dedicated back to Christ as an infant, under the leadership of Bishop Solomon Smith, witnessed by many.  The Holy Spirit moved me in a way that was unexplainable as the Bishop anointed Tyler’s head with oil and lifted him towards the heavens in prayer.   At the age of 12, Tyler decided to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized under the leadership of Pastor Roberson. 

​Tyler displayed his God given gifts effortlessly and with a pure heart at all times (Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God).  Tyler was an extremely fast learner at everything in his life.  Tyler began walking at 8-1/2 months old, he knew his entire ABC's and could count to 18 and was potty-trained before preschool. He could spell his whole name by the time he started kindergarten and could tell you how old he was at age one. He learned how to ride a bike in about 10 minutes and didn't want training wheels.

Tyler loved being active and he actually self-taught himself in many things. He taught himself  gymnastics such as; back flips, summer salts, and round-offs, he learned chess, he was a great dancer and singer, he wrote and rapped his own lyrics (he absolutely loved his music) and taught himself how to swim.  He trained in Karate, he played basketball, ran track and mastered his passion in football.   The most incredible thing was he could memorize any movie word for word and could imitate the characters like a professional actor. He amazed me so much I put him in Theater classes in his sophomore and junior year.  Tyler also decided that he wanted to learn how to cook like his grandpa whom he called "Papa Bear" so he also majored in Culinary Arts in his junior and senior year of high school as well. Tyler received several awards, certifications, and medals throughout his life and spent 75% of his schooling on Honor Roll and he also made “All City” Championship in football at Centennial High School in 2013.

Tyler had a very loving, caring, and generous spirit.  His heart was so genuine people naturally gravitated to him and yet he remained humble.  Tyler volunteered and mentored a group of young boys ages 6-9 at the Dublin Recreational Center in Ohio for almost 2 years as a basketball coach.  He also gave away more than just his time.   Tyler was confident in himself because he BELIEVED that all things were possible with hard work and dedication.  He knew without a shadow of a doubt how much he was loved and he cherished family over everything. Tyler was a true motivator, he kept a smile on his face and he was always positive.  Tyler is my heart and he will truly be missed forever.


Love mom


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