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The Tyler Hill Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded August 19, 2016. It was established to honor the loving memory and core values emulated by a scholar athlete,

Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill


The foundation was established to ensure that student athletes with dreams become unstoppable in achieving their greatest goals. The Tyler Hill Foundation provides opportunities to achieve academic and athletic excellence to athletes who are striving to fulfill their post educational and athletic goals.


The Foundation sees higher education as a catalyst, an agent of change for individuals, families, and communities; based upon the conviction that an educated citizenry is essential. We believe we can birth a healthy democracy for future generations.


We envision communities that recognize the importance of educational attainment and assure positive educational outcomes are accessible to all regardless of economic circumstance. Dedicated to building better communities, The Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill Foundation will promote and provide financial assistance for postsecondary education and provide sponsorship to historically black college & university tours.


To those who share the Foundation’s vision, we offer you the opportunity to participate in its realization through financial support, advocacy, and volunteerism.  

Warmest Regards,

The Tyler Matthew Curtis Hill Foundation



President, Bonnie Watts


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